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Grief Counseling - Online Masters Degrees

Grief Counseling Degree (Master of Grief Counseling & Thanatology)
A career in grief counseling & thanatology is a challenging career. This field deals with psychological health issues related to death and traumatic disasters. The main job of grief counselors is to help family or friends of a deceased person in getting through their sadness and grief. They also assist persons who have passed through some traumatic experience in their lives. A number of universities now offer degree programs in grief counseling and thanatology. These programs train students in various topics of thanatology, study of death and dying, grief counseling, mourning, and grief therapies. Students also get knowledge about care, psychology of death, counseling the children suffering grief, ethics and near death experience.

Breyer State University - Online Master of Grief Counseling & Thanatology
Breyer State University - Online Master of Grief Counseling & Thanatology program consists of 50 semester hours. The courses include Death & Dying I (5 hrs), Counseling the Dying Patient (5 hrs), Grief Counseling (5 hrs), Grief Therapy (5 hrs), Counseling Theories and Techniques (5 hrs), Ethics in Counseling (5 hrs), Near and After Death Experience (5 hrs), Counseling Children (5 hrs) and Grief Counseling & Thanatology Symposium (10 hrs).

A student gets 10 weeks’ time to complete an online course. If a student wants the time limit to be extended, permission of the instructor is required. A bachelor degree in grief counseling, psychology, thanatology, pastoral ministry, social work, or related field is required for getting admission in this program. The program allows students to transfer college credits/ courses earned previously during their college programs to this program.

This program is recognized by the American Academy of Grief Counseling. A student can apply for certification as a grief counselor, through the Academy after completing the courses: Death & Dying I, Counseling the Dying Patient, and Grief Counseling.

Career Options Available for a Master of Grief Counseling & Thanatology
A student after completing this degree program can work as a grief counselor, private grief counselor, bereavement educator, thanatologist or researcher. Different positions exist in hospices, funeral homes, social service agencies, and hospitals. Opportunities also exist for the students in outpatient care facilities and in counseling practices.

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