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Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Breyer State University

Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
With increasing interest of people in alternative and complimentary healthcare therapies, the demand for hypnotherapy experts is increasing in the society. Hypnotherapy experts assist people in various health issues such as pain relief, behavior modification, phobias, etc. A number of universities now offer doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy degree programs. During these programs, students learn about concepts of subconscious mind, relaxation and medication, self hypnosis, energy healing, induction and trances, and mental health matters. They also learn about psychology and pain management, healing, imagery, the Eriksonian method, regression therapy and various legal issues of this field.

Breyer State University - Online Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Breyer State University Online – Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy program consists of 85 semester hours. These semester hours include 20 prerequisite hours and 65 doctoral level course hours. The main courses of this program are: Guided Imagery (5 hrs), Inquiry into the Subconscious Mind (5 hrs), Meditation Therapy (5 hrs), Advanced Inquiry: Inductions (5 hrs), Ericksonian Theories and Applications (5 hrs), Hypnosis and Children (5 hrs), Hypnotherapy in Psychiatric Care (5 hrs), Issues and Trends (5 hrs), Advanced Practice: Regression Techniques (5 hrs), Ethical and Legal Issues in Practice (5 hrs) and Doctoral Project (15 hrs).

A student gets 10 weeks’ time to complete an online course. If a student wants the time limit to be extended, permission of the instructor is required. The program allows students to transfer up to 50% college credits/ courses earned previously during their college programs to this program.

A student needs to have a master degree and must hold a certification in clinical hypnotherapy from a recognized certifying body to get admission in this program. A student also needs to have 20 semester hours of credits in hypnotherapy education and practice. A decision about these semester hours is taken by the doctoral committee that evaluates the past learning experience and then awards college credits.

Career Options Available for a Doctor in Clinical Hypnotherapy A student after completing doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy can work as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist in hospitals or private clinics. Career in education and research or doing private practice can be other options for a student.

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